Building Healthy Relationships 

A Group for Queer and Trans People of Color and their POC Allies

A program that will give you the tools to develop deep and healthy intimacy in all kinds of relationships.


What if you could sustain healthy friendships and enjoy deeper emotional connections with your romantic partners all from a foundation of self love?

Right Now You May:


» Feel unworthy of love

» Long for deeper connection 

» Fear taking risks

» Become easily triggered


Do you find it difficult to develop trust?

Many of us have had the experience of falling in love only to have our relationship end in pain and disappointment, or felt deeply betrayed  by a friend we thought we could trust. It’s normal for human beings to let each other down. The problem is that most of us don't have the skills it takes to create lasting and healthy relationships.


What if there was a way to work through the issues that get in the way of you feeling loved and supported? This program can help get to the heart of those issues and give you the tools you need to foster deeper connection, receive the love you need, and address the conflicts that arise in relationship so that you can sustain healthy relationships with the people that mean the most to you.

I used to isolate myself in order to avoid feelings of rejection. I would harbor disappointments and withdraw from people that I loved in order to avoid being let down again.

It wasn’t until I lost two of the people that meant the most to me that I was forced to go outside of my comfort zone and give others the opportunity to provide the love and support that I needed.


I learned how to share my needs vulnerably without burdening my loved ones with expectations. It took deep heartbreak in order for me to learn how to receive the love that I needed.

That’s why I created this program to help others develop healthy loving relationships without having to go through the pain that I did.


This virtual program consists of 5 group and 3 (optional) individual sessions to help you shift:

» From feeling like you are too damaged to ever have a healthy, loving relationship to feeling grounded in the love within yourself and all around you.

» From fear of rejection to embracing vulnerability with courage.

» From consistently negating your own feelings in order to keep others close to being able to consider the feelings of others without disregarding your own needs.

» From not knowing what your boundaries are to knowing what you do and don’t want and being able to communicate that with others clearly and directly.

» From being conflict avoidant to feeling confident about approaching difficult conversations


As a participant, you will have the freedom and flexibility to engage from your own space according to your availability while still having the benefit of being in healing community with other POC and QTPOC.


As social beings, we heal most completely and effectively when our experiences are seen and understood by others who can understand what we are going through.

In addition, you will receive one on one support with me throughout the course of the program in order to help you integrate the the work we are doing in group sessions. Individual sessions may include a variety of modalities including emotional clearing, energy healing, and nature based work.

Rather than spending years in therapy, learn from my 10+ years of experience working with people like you in this 5 week program that empowers you rather than creating a sense of dependency.


❝Niralli is an incredible healer and conduit of embodied wisdom . . .

In the space she holds, I know I can venture into the scariest territory and feel completely held and supported and safe.  Her presence in my healing path has been a beautiful blessing, and I am so grateful for her positive impact in my life, and in all of the other lives she has touched.❞



This program is for you if:

  • You are a queer and/or trans person of color

  • You are a person of color AND an ally to the queer and trans community

  • You want to develop the skills to have healthier and more satisfying relationships

This program is not for you if:

  • You are actively suicidal and not in the care of a licensed mental health professional

  • You are abusing life threatening substances


The task of getting our emotional needs met in relationships can be daunting especially when we’ve been let down more than once, but from my firsthand experience and having worked therapist in practice for the last 10 years, I can say with confidence that:

It is possible to develop healthy, loving relationships that are resilient through challenging times.


What can you expect?

Deepen your Self Love practice

» Learn 3 simple steps of an active self love and compassion practice

Communication Skills

» Develop the skills to ask for what you want and need

Face Challenges with Confidence

» Cultivate your ability to successfully navigate and recover from conflict.


» We will have a total of 5 group sessions over the course of 5 weeks.

» Online Sessions are recorded for people who can’t make it live.

Optional Individual Support

» A total of 3 individual integration sessions are scheduled in between group sessions to support you in your personal process.



❂ Group Session 1

  • Building a foundation of Self Love and Self Worth

❂ Group Session 2

  • Finding connection through vulnerability

✧Individual Session 1

  • Where do you get in your own way?

❂ Group Session 3

  • Identifying and communicating your wants and needs

✧Individual Session 2

  • Clearing old wounds and patterns

❂ Group Session 4

  • Boundaries create the structure for building trust

    ✧Individual Session 3

  • Setting Relationship Goals

❂ Group Session 5

  • Navigating conflict deepens intimacy


To Summarize:

5 group sessions

» To develop the skills to deepen your satisfaction in relationships.

3 Individual Sessions

» Providing One on one support to help you work through personalized issues and integrate the work on a deeper level.


Next Steps:

If this program feels like the right fit for you, please:

Fill out and submit this application

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Please submit your non-refundable deposit of $150 by June 28th to secure your space here. Venmo Niralli-DCosta here.

Thank you.

I look forward to connecting with you!