Healing Together:

Somatic education & spiritual empowerment for POC and QTPOC survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence


A program that helps you transform patterns based in trauma that get in the way of your health and happiness…that will give you the tools to be more relaxed and present in your body without the fear of overwhelming emotions taking over and destabilizing you.

healing together

What if you could sustain healthy relationships, enjoy being intimate with your partners, feel more comfortable in your body, and safe in your skin?


Right now you are:



Having difficulty sleeping

Alienated from your body

Struggling in relationships

Easily triggered


Do you find it difficult to stay present for the things that matter to you the most?

You’ve probably tried traditional talk therapy and maybe even holistic healing modalities but your recovery hasn’t gone beyond temporary symptom relief.

The practitioners you’ve found may have been able to help you in some ways but couldn’t really hold the complexity of your experience based on your multiple identities and the various forms of oppression that contribute to the ongoing traumatization that you experience.  

You move through the world in a constant state of hyper-vigilance, anticipating being targeted for violence because of your skin color, gender expression, or who you love. You are worried about the safety of your loved ones at all times and are exhausted by constantly having to fight to be treated with dignity and respect.

I know what it’s like because I have struggled with anxiety and feelings of worthlessness as a result of the trauma I experienced as a child and moving through the world as a queer woman of color.

I too have wondered if the fear and sadness would ever end until I learned that I can have a different relationship to the painful feelings as they arise.

I learned about how trauma had affected my body and how to release that trauma from my tissues and found new ways to respond to stress through my study of Somatic Psychology and my practice of yoga, meditation, energy healing, and tantra.

That’s why I created this integrative therapeutic program for trauma recovery based in embodiment practice, energy awareness, and spiritual empowerment that centers the experiences of queer and trans people of color survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

From years of doing individual therapy with folks like you I learned what the most important things are for people to understand about the healing process, coupled with skill building and individual process work to take the journey from feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness to self love and spiritual empowerment.

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❝When I first started working with Niralli I was unconsciously frozen by my trauma. I was constantly getting caught in challenges with my partner that unbeknownst to me was being driven by the abuse I have suffered. Niralli taught me first, to even know this is what was happening. I can't even begin to say what a difference that alone made. Then came the steps of being courageous enough to say something and to navigate my partner's response (they have trauma as well). The awareness and tools that Niralli has given us has changed the course of our relationship. I feel like we can finally truly connect and love one another. We can hold each other in the pain and not constantly take it personally or be re-traumatized. Thank you Niralli.❞



This virtual program consisting of group and individual sessions will help you shift:

  • From feeling alienated from your body to feeling comfortable and at home in your own skin.

  • From being overwhelmed by your emotions to being able to allow your emotions to flow freely without the fear that they will overcome you.

  • From not knowing what your boundaries are to knowing what you do and don’t want and being able to communicate that with others clearly and directly.

  • From feeling like you are too damaged to ever have a healthy, loving relationship to feeling grounded in the love within yourself and all around you.

  • From consistently negating your own feelings in order to keep others close to being able to consider the feelings of others without disregarding your own needs.

  • From being conflict avoidant to feeling confident about approaching difficult conversations

  • From feeling lost and alone to feeling the love and support that is available to you through nature, the cosmos, and your own personal guides and ancestors.


You will be able to sleep better, have the capacity to prioritize self care, enjoy your life, develop deeper intimacy, and move forward with personal and professional goals.


As a participant, you will have the freedom and flexibility to engage from your own space according to your availability while still having the benefit of being in healing community with other POC and QTPOC survivors.


As social beings, we heal most completely and effectively when our experiences are seen and understood by others who can understand what we are going through.

In addition you will receive one on one support with me throughout the course of the program in order to help you integrate the the work we are doing in group sessions. Individual sessions will include a variety of modalities including emotional clearing, energy healing, and nature based work.

Rather than spending years in therapy, learn from my 10+ years of experience working with people like you in this 5 month program that empowers you rather than creating a sense of dependency.


❝Niralli is an incredible healer and conduit of embodied wisdom . . .

In the space she holds, I know I can venture into the scariest territory and feel completely held and supported and safe.  Her presence in my healing path has been a beautiful blessing, and I am so grateful for her positive impact in my life, and in all of the other lives she has touched.❞


This program is for you if:

  • You are a queer and/or trans person of color

  • You are a person of color AND an ally to the queer and trans community

  • You are motivated to do the deeper work of healing from your trauma

  • You are open to learning new ways of perceiving your experiences

This program is not for you if:

  • You are actively suicidal and not in the care of a licensed mental health professional

  • You are abusing life threatening substances

  • You have orthodox religious beliefs that limit you from engaging with a variety of spiritual perspectives.


The task of healing from a lifetime of trauma can be daunting especially when other things we’ve tried haven’t felt like a fit, but as a survivor myself and a therapist in practice for the last 10 years, I can say with confidence that:

It is possible to heal from even the most severe forms of trauma and connect with a sense of your own wholeness by embarking on an integrative healing journey!



❝I think dating is hard no matter who you are or what you've been through.… And if you're someone like me who has a terrifying history of being raped as a child by someone I loved and trusted, opening up sexually to someone new, allowing myself to enjoy intimacy… These things are felt nearly impossible.
Niralli helped to create a pathway to this so that I could enjoy being a human in a body, so that I could receive sexual pleasure wholly and fully. What a gift.❞


What can you expect?

Trauma Resolution

» Learn about how trauma lives in the body, shows up in your relationships, and limits your belief systems.

Embodied Integration

» Develop your capacity to be more present and experience pleasure in your body.

Energetic/Spiritual Empowerment

» Cultivate your direct access to Source Energy and learn tools for clearing your energy body.

We will cover topics such as:

» Setting Boundaries

» Navigating Consent

» Addressing Conflict

» Healthy Communication Skills


» We will have a total of 9 group sessions over the course of 5 months.

» Each group session begins with a guided meditation, and includes somatic practices for developing new ways of being in the body.

» Online Sessions are recorded for people who can’t make it live.


» Practices will be given for participants to work with in between sessions to stabilize and sustain the shifts that are made in each session.

» Online discussion platform for ongoing engagement with the group.

Invidual Support

» A total of 8 individual integration sessions are scheduled in between group each group session to support you in your personal process.



❂Group Session 1

  • Building Foundations/Setting Intentions/Creating our Sacred Space

❂Group Session 2

  • Orientation around Trauma/Nervous System Regulation signs and practices

✧Individual Session 1

  • Personalized Trauma Inventory

❂Group Session 3

  • Getting to know our triggers and how to work with them

  • Develop capacity for presence and pleasure in the body

✧Individual Session 2

  • Emotional Clearing

❂Group Session 4

  • Inner Child Work

✧Individual Session 3

  • Healing in Nature

❂Group Session 5

  • Developing energetic skills for healthy boundaries

✧Individual Session 4

  • Work with individual patterns around conflict and boundary setting

❂Group Session 6

  • Learn what comprises healthy relationships

  • How to identify early warning signs of abuse.

✧Individual Session 5

  • Work with a specific relationship or relationship issue

❂Group Session 7

  • Sharing your stories of survival and resources for resilience

✧Individual Session 6

  • Be nourished by the energy of Source (Syntara System Session )

❂Group Session 8

  • Name and explore spiritual or religious trauma

  • Connecting with your guides

✧Individual Session 7

  • Integration of your healing tools

❂Group Session 9

  • Connect with your passion and purpose

  • Closing Ritual

✧Individual Session 8

  • Follow up & Your pathway forward


To Summarize:

9 group sessions

» To develop the skills and practices you will need to transform your trauma based patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating.

Homework Assignments

» between each group session designed to help you sustain the changes you are making.

8 Individual Sessions

» Providing One on one support to help you work through personalized issues and integrate the work on a deeper level.


Next Steps

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